Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hypnosis? Am I hypnotizable?

Hypnosis is a modified state of consciousness. You are in a hypnotic trance very regularly during the day, but you don’t know it. Everyone is hypnotizable.

When you’re watching TV, you are focusing on the plot and you are absorbed by the film, you are focusing so much that you don’t really hear what’s going on around you. You are relaxed, and even with your eyes open! Well, it’s as simple as that.

You no longer have any doubts about your ability to be hypnotized, do you?

Can you make me do anything?

Absolutely not! You’ll always keep control of all your abilities.

Your session aims to guide you towards a change and release something that we will have defined together. I am here to help you, respecting your values without any judgment while also respecting ethics and professional secrecy.

Can you make a session to my spouse?

Like any therapy, commitment will and motivation are part of the treatment.

If your spouse does not want to change, I cannot do anything for him … however if your own changes induced by the session brings questions to him/her, I will be happy to have a conversation with him/her.

I have physical pain can you help me?

Of course. I am convinced that many of your physical pain are related to your mind.

The method is the same, understanding your pain, plus a technique called “Cells Command Therapy,” which will help you see your pains differently, and therefore will cause relief.

I would like to lose weight can you help me?

Certainly yes.

Are you sure your extra pounds are related to what you eat? If yes, what are your reasons? You don’t know? Let’s go find out together. I am sure that when you’ll understand, you’ll feel much lighter.

I have addiction problems can you help me?

Yes, and always in the same way, once the origin of your difficulties is discovered, it is enough to change the interpretation that you make of it and to reprogram you with positive suggestions to free you from it. It is also necessary to add some small tips of life in order to facilite the weaning, but all this remains completely natural.

Will I relive traumatic events during the session?

No. You will not relive these events, since they are part of your past.

You may see them again, as if they were scrolling on the screen of a television. You will be just an observer. By seeing them again and understanding what they have generated in you, you will have reached the GRAAL, understanding them.

How many sessions does it take to solve my problem?

In 1 session the results are spectacular, and usually only one session is enough to solve a problem. Some complicated situations may require up to 3 sessions.

What is also part to the success of this therapy is listening to your recording for at least 21 consecutive days. If you do not do this, you may need more sessions. It’s up to you to take responsibility for your therapy.

What are the prices of a session?

The price of a session is 350 euros TTC. It includes, the preparatory meeting, the session itself, the personalized record, and the 2 post-meeting appointments.

I take medical treatment will I be able to stop it after my session?

The RTT works in parallel and in addition to your medical treatment. You will follow your usual treatment and the instructions of your doctor. In the preliminary questionnaire you will fill in his coordinates and you can always give him mine.

What are the contraindications of RTT?

The RTT is not recommended for people with epilepsy, or for people with signs of severe psychotic illness.

I have already tried many therapies, I know my problem, but I still suffer. Why would it be different with your method?

Knowing is one thing, but UNDERSTANDING is liberating.

When you understand why you are facing your difficulties, necessarily, the light is illuminated in your mind. You are now ready to change.

The session is used to reboot you like a computer with a new version of your certainties. You are ready to start from scratch with the new version of you. The version I like to call 3.0

What is neuro-plasticity? How does it allow change?

In a nutshell, it is the capacity of our neurons to modify during our life.

It goes from learning to memorization. The brain constantly adapts by creating new neurons, or new connections between these neurons, in response to experiences and stimulations.

To make it simple: look at a field of wheat, you’ll see a path traced by the passage of many hikers. These are your current limiting beliefs. You have decided now to change it and take another path.

You begin to see your new path in this wheat field. That’s because your brain adapts and creates some new neural connections. The more you go through this new path, the more you’ll see it creating itself.

The regular repetition of your passage means that from now on you will only pass by this way. Your brain has created new certainties. That’s why you will be able to change.

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