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What Is Rapid
Transformational Therapy ?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) allows you, through hypnosis, to discover the root, cause, and reason for your issues.

Once we find them, you will easily see the beliefs that you have “hung up on” and which have caused your blockages.

We can change together the interpretation of the events of your past, in order to free you from it. You will regain your self-confidence, your power and your voice.

We will reprogram your mind to success, and finally you will be able to live the life you deserve.


Rapid Transformational Therapy is a hybrid therapy combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Psychotherapy, and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).


RTT has been developed and fine-tuned for 30 years by internationally acclaimed Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer.

“Hypnosis is a way of directly accessing the subconscious mind so that clients can understand what is running their unwanted behaviours and then become free of them through a process of suggestion that bypasses the conscious mind and the critical factor allowing the mind to accept suggestion it would previously have not accepted.”

Marisa Peer

My approach of Rapid Transformational Therapy ​

After a first contact, through phone or via email, I send you a questionnaire allowing me to know a little more about the issues you encounter. This allows us to decide if we are ready to work together towards the path of your freedom.


We will then spend about an hour together, or via skype or zoom, and we will deepen the different points that you want to change and / or improve.


We will then plan our RTT session. You will have to provide from 1h30 to 3h for the session itself. This time slot gives us the freedom to explore and understand why? when? how? You created these limiting beliefs.


The hypnosis session then begins and I guide you all the way to freedom. You are in hypnotic trance, and we will be able to discuss and exchange with your subconscious. You will always be in control, and your subconscious will lead you to the root of your difficulties. I turn into GPS I would only be there to be the guide there to indicate the route (s) to follow. You will take the path that suits you the most.


The session ends and I give you THE ESSENTIAL KEY to your freedom.


This key is your personalized audio recording, which will allow you to reprogram your mind with new positive beliefs. You will listen for at least 21 consecutive days your recording (28 days recommended). You start the day after your RTT session.


We will schedule two more appointments within the 28 days after your session to evaluate your progresses. The changes induced by RTT therapy may be immediate, or gradual during 28 days of listening. That can appears without you realize it at the time.

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Take the first step towards the change

RTT Session

Understanding is power, change is processing

Freedom !

It’s time to achieve all your goals


Let’s schedule some real change !

Audio 28 Days

A new chapter begins with your reprogramming audio !

Which topics can be addressed with RTT ?


Anxiety, stress, panic attacks, chronic pain, allergy, low immunity, digestive problem as IBS, constipation, skin problems, eating disorders, insomnia, relaxation, letting go, physical and emotional pain…


Fears and phobias, fear of flying, fear of animals, controlling issues, addictions such as food, drugs, alcohol, sugar…


Emotional Regulation , building Self confidence and self esteem, rejection issues , increase communication skills, how to succeed during challenging and stressful times, confidence and leadership issues, self beliefs in goals and achievements , public speaking…


Deeped rooted beliefs, negative talks, painful past experiences, compulsive disorders, depression, childhood problems, low self esteem, negative self beliefs, self criticism, self doubt, perfectionnism, procrastination…

Frequently asked questions

Yes, hypnosis and in particular RTT works in a simple, effective and fast way. 


The step-by-step approach in RTT allows you to understand the reason and root cause of any issue you struggle with. 


Understanding is power, and understanding in hypnosis is the most phenomenal, transforming, liberating power.


With the reprogramming audio you can be sure that changes are effective and final.

RTT therapy, is safe, natural, and only works with the power of the mind.

It is suitable for many situations and issues, and applies to both adults and children.

It’s adapted to physical and emotional conditions, but not recommended for people with epilepsy and with signs of psychotic illness.

Yes, as long you wish to be hypnotised. Experience of hypnosis will be different for everyone each time.


Clients may initially state that ‘it didn’t work’ but report significant change later


Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and is an important part of everyday life.


Whenever our mind wanders, daydreams or is focused on something (e.g. reading a book, driving a familiar route, watching a film, meditating etc.), you are in a state of hypnosis.

No. You will not relive these events, since they are part of your past.

You may see them again, as if they were scrolling on the screen of a television.

You will be just an observer.


By seeing them again and understanding what they have generated in you, you will have reached the GRAAL, understanding

We all experience limitations from time to time in our life.


They affect our relationships, love
life, career, finances, health and overall wellbeing.


When the situation is getting worse and
you don’t know how to fix your issue, you better get professionals help.


It’s like going to a dentist when you have a toothache. You could take some painkillers for your all life, but you will never felt totaly free.

When your subconscious mind, is running unconscious thoughts, the professionnal, will help you understand, what’s happening deep inside, and help you to change what’s inappropriate.

Neuro-plasticity is the capacity of our neurons to modify during our life.

It goes from learning to memorization.


The brain constantly adapts by creating new neurons, or new connections between these neurons, in response to
experiences and stimulations.


To make it simple: look at a field of wheat, you’ll see a path traced by the passage of many hikers.


These are your current limiting beliefs.

You have decided now to change it and take another path.


You begin to see your new path in this wheat field.

That’s because your brain
adapts and creates some new neural connections.


The more you go through this new path, the more you’ll see it creating itself.


The regular repetition of your passage means that from now on you will only pass by this way.


Your brain has created new certainties.


That’s why you will be
able to change.


Your Brain has learned by repetition his new reality.


About Me

Cecile Melinand

Clinical Hypnotherapist

My name is Cecile Melinand, I’ve been a nurse for 25 years. 

I worked in different fields from surgical reanimation, emergency aid in isolated locations, and in freelancing.

Throughout my career, I have been able to observe and realize how powerful our brains are. We are all capable of modifying our feelings and our perceptions, simply by looking at things differently. We are able to achieve the best and the most extraordinary, but we are also able to sabotage everything.

Passionate about travels, I settled for a few years in St Barthelemy. A small French Caribbean island. I love to travel the world, and discover new cultures. I love meeting people, and listening to their stories. Over time, I realized that even though we all have our own backgrounds, our own beliefs and different images in our minds, we all possess the ability to achieve our goals simply by changing those images that make our reality.

After experiencing many emergencies, incredible experiences from my nursing job, I had the chance to cross the path of hypnosis, as a patient. Very impressed by the results that I’ve obtained, I decided to take my diploma as a hypnosis practitioner in Quebec in order to integrate it into my nursing practice.


I discovered this extraordinary tool that allows us to reach the subconscious part of our brain. The effects of hypnosis have been scientifically proven and documented. It is more and more studied and recognized.


I am convinced that hypnosis is one of the tools of the future when we will realize and understand that many of our pains, physical and psychological, are related to the images that we have created consciously or not in our mind.


I have decided to make RTT hypnosis my main activity, because I finally have the deep  that
I’m now able to help my clients with all their pains, freeing them of their limiting thoughts
and beliefs, in a fast and definitive way.

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